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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

French Elections: Could a False Flag Save Ungrateful Sarkozy?

A Photo which Sarkozy doesn`t want the world to see. Sarkozy accepted 50 million euros from Libya for his election campaign in violation of French electoral laws. Mathaba Analyst Honourable Saka reports.

By Honourable Saka

What is a False Flag Operation?
False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities (terrorists). The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colours; that is, flying the flag of an enemy country. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time and elections periods to divide, manipulate, and control public opinions using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs among others.
The term comes from the old days of wooden ships, when one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship in its own navy. Because the enemy's flag was hung instead of the flag of the real country of the attacking ship, it was called a "false flag" attack.

Western Elections & Terrorism (False Flags)
It has been observed that whenever election periods draw closer in most parts of the world, especially in Eastern Europe and America, “terrorism” and “False Flag” attacks dominate the headlines, causing fear and panic in the minds of the electorates. This often happens because, many political leaders after miserably failing to deliver on their political promises, usually have no means of winning a second term. The terror card therefore plays a major role in diverting the voters’ attention from real issues. This is why most false flags and “terrorists” attacks often happen at a time when a sitting president is campaigning for re-election. However, it must be clarified that it is usually those leaders who had become unpopular before the elections that usually benefits from such terrorists attacks.

There is no doubt that a few real but unusual terrorist attacks happen in some parts of the world. A typical example is the recent shooting incidence which happened in Afghanistan, where about 16 people were slaughtered by a US soldier. There is also the terrorist activities that have been happening across Syria, Iraq and other places in Central Africa especially Somalia. Those terrorists’ attacks occur almost on a daily basis and have nothing whatsoever to do with elections. In most cases, the real terrorists’ attacks escape the headlines of the mainstream media.

However, many intelligence agencies have suggested that majority of the terrorists attacks that dominate the mainstream news are nothing but false flags.
“Our Intel sources consistently inform us that 85% of all terrorist attacks are state sponsored and with western nations deeply involved in using false flag tools for exploiting their own publics, one has to look at any such attacks with opened eyes”, -Jim Dean, editor of veterans
The Sarkozy-Gaddafi Connection, a Threat to Political Ambitions
The frustration of the Sarkozy’s campaign team is yet to suffer another blow as more embarrassing evidence gradually unfolds at a time when the presidential candidate desperately needs his integrity to remain intact.

It could be remembered that just a few weeks before the French presidential elections, Mediapart, a French news website published an embarrassing document which appeared to prove that  the government of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi agreed to fund President Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign with an estimated amount of $66m. According to the published documents, the final “terms” for handing over the money were agreed in a meeting between the two men in Libya, in the year 2005, two years before Mr Sarkozy’s was finally elected.

At the time Mr Sarkozy was France’s interior minister with well-documented ambitions to succeed Jacques Chirac. However, Sarkozy was financially weak and needed a strong financial support that could propel him to the highest office. Therefore Gaddafi’s sponsorship package of a huge $66m (€50m) was too good to resist. However it must be understood that, during this period, it was completely illegal for presidential candidates in France to receive cash payments above a mere €7,500 (£6,300). This means that Sarkozy received 6,666 times the amount allowed by law.

Mediapart insists that the €50 million mentioned in the memo were laundered through bank accounts in Panama and Switzerland. If this allegation turns out to be true, it would mean that the president will have passed through illegal channels to propel himself to the highest office.
In fact, the actual allegations that Gaddafi had financed Sarkozy’s presidential campaign was made by Gaddafi himself in March 2011, shortly before France went on to play a leading role in NATO's bombing campaign in Libya, a “humanitarian” mission which turned out to be an assassination campaign. In addition, Saif-al Islam Gaddafi, a son of Muammar Gaddafi, strongly insisted somewhere last year that Libya had actually funded Mr Sarkozy’s election and that they have all the documents to prove it. "We funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything," he said, threatening to publicize the details.

As expected, the news suddenly smashed Sarkozy’s approval rating in the polls to the point where as a candidate; he stood a high chance of becoming a one-term president. In fact, the first news came as a big blow to Sarkozy’s integrity because the allegation was published at a time when France was seen leading the NATO campaign that was aimed at the assassination of Gaddafi and the overthrowing of the Libyan Jamahiriya without any justification. The published document also came at a time when France is again working with NATO’s rebels in their determination to oust President Assad and replace him with the same terrorist group who are killing NATO’s soldiers in the Middle East.  No matter how anyone looks at this development, the fact still remains that Sarkozy’s entire campaign team never saw this blow coming.

Al-Qaeda Suddenly Strikes in France
As the Sarkozy team were likely to be defeated in the mist of all these damaging revelations, something had to happen and very fast in order to rescue the president for him to finish playing his part in the globalists’New World Order agenda. In this scenario, it was only a real terrorist attack or perhaps a “False Flag” attack that could save the president. Fortunately or unfortunately, the recent reports of a shooting incident by an alleged “Al-Qaeda” terrorist which dominated the news headlines overshadowed the Sarkozy-Gaddafi dilemma. Indeed, it was a tragedy that saved the president from a humiliating defeat.

Immediately after the incident, Mr Sarkozy was seen giving speeches in his capacity as president while earning the support and the sympathy of the electorates who would be going to the polls in just a few days’ time. Most importantly, the French leader likened the Toulouse shooting incidence to “9/11” and vowed to “crackdown” on the terrorists. Within just a few days of speeches upon speeches, his approval rating rose from an all-time low of about 13% to nearly 40%.

The Telegraph reports that the attacks of the supposedly al-Qaeda radical will play into the election bid of National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, who is unlikely to ever become the president of France. “It has, however, provided Nicholas Sarkozy with a pretext to put the southern part of the nation on high alert and cancel the campaigns of presidential contenders”, writes Paul Joseph Watson. In fact even in some areas where Sarkozy’s support base had hit all-time low, political rallies and all forms of campaigns were banned while the president was seen delivering speeches in these areas in his determination to unite them behind him.
“Meanwhile, other slaughters (NATO) continue day after day with hardly a footnote of international concern, writes a Ph.D philosopher Ann Kreilkamp.

One political analyst puts it: “With the French elections coming up, no doubt Sarkozy will win the support and sympathy of the people. Afterwards any action against Syria or Iran will have full backing by the French citizens in wake of this. The war on terror which France has threatened many times to quit will suddenly begin to earn the support of the people”.

This support however was not enough to win him the elections in a first round before the same allegations that saw his approval rating declining, is beginning to dominate the headlines once again.

So What Happens Next? Another False Flag?
With the reports of Gaddafi’s financial contribuitions to Sarkozy’s presidential bid dominating the headlines once again, at a time when the president thought it was all over, it is very difficult to imagine what option could save him this time round.

A memo obtained by Mediapart on Sarturday (28th April, 2012) appears to present a much stronger evidence which will definitely give the president something embarrassing to worry about. The document suggests that a meeting on October 6, 2005 resulted in “campaign financing” of “NS [Nicolas Sarkozy]” being “totally paid”. The document has resurfaced at a particularly sensitive time for Sarkozy, who lost the first round of the French presidential vote and is currently trailing his Socialist rival Francois Hollande in the polls, reports RT.

The current document published on Saturday offers the most concrete proof yet of the illegal campaign financing allegations. The document, as reported, was provided by former high officials from Libya "a few days ago". If this confidential information turns out to be authentic, it could be the last straw that broke the camel's back. In such a scenario, it will take another terrorist attack or probably a “False Flag” to rescue the president from losing his presidential ambitions. The world must therefore wake up and never allow ourselves to be duped.
Finally, as many elections will soon be held across Europe and America, the world need to watch out for many more false flag attacks. Because this is the only option many of them have left. After all, many of them are equally unpopular but have shown no indication to relinquish power.

I was therefore very pleased last night (28th April 2012) when I heard Dr Ron Paul warning the American people to watch out, for a possible False Flag. Because he knows the US elections are just around the corner. Let us together stay vigilant and say NO to false flags. Because it is the mark of desperate politicians who use fear and panic as the cheapest way to win elections, using the deaths and injuries of innocents to do so.

About Honourable SAKA
The author is a regular contributor to the Mathaba News Network. Occasionally he also writes for Modernghana, Spyghana, Informationnigeria and Ghanaweb. He is a political analyst on African affairs, and a well-known social commentator in Africa. He is the editor of “The Doctor’s Report”, your most reliable source of critical analysis on African affairs. He is a strong Pan-Africanist, a youth activist and the founder of the “Leaders of Tomorrow”, a informational and inspirational group of possible future leaders. Please contact him by Email at:

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