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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Condom: A Psychological Tool For Population Control; Not AIDS

The real motive behind condom is not to fight 
AIDS; it is a population control measure
By Honourable Saka

Are you one of those gullible masses who still believes that AIDS has no cure? Well, here are a few things to think about. 
First of all, Africans and the third world need to wake up and understand that AIDS has been a very big business for the powerful establishment who owns the condom industries. At the same time, AIDS is doing a great job in the globalists’ depopulation agenda: to reduce the population of the third world especially in Africa to the barest minimum.
Meanwhile the notion that AIDS has ‘no cure’ can be discredited by asking ourselves some thought-provoking questions:
  1. Imagine: that the president of the most powerful country in the world, or his only child were to acquire HIV/AIDS by “accident”. Can anybody confidently suggest that those that invented AIDS would watch this powerful man to die of AIDS? Well, I do not think so.
  2. How about the globalist think tanks; the powerful wealthy families: the Rockefellers, the Rothschild, Henry Kissinger, or Bill Gates? Can anybody imagine leading members of the Bilderberg Group ever going to die of AIDS?
  3. What about Her Royal Majesty? Let us assume that the Queen or some key members of the Royal Family were to acquire HIV/AIDS: do you honestly believe that such people would die of AIDS without a cure? Of course not. And I believe you do not expect to hear any of the above developments in the news because of “national security” reasons.
Now, I believe someone has got something to think about. I can say with confidence that AIDS is not a natural disease. Those who created the disease definitely must have the cure in order to ensure their own safety. They created SARS, swine flu (H1N1), and many other dangerous viral diseases. They have recently created another deadly virus (H5N1) for the same purpose in the near future.
It is about time people  realized that AIDS was not made for everybody. AIDS only stands to benefit a few powerful families who believe they own the rest of the world. As long as some few personalities are “immune” from AIDS, it means there is a cure somewhere. Unfortunately, the cure has been deliberately hidden from the world. My instincts tell me that if any of these powerful people were to ever acquire the disease, there will certainly be a cure for them. They would quietly be taken to a secrete private hospital somewhere, where they would be treated. Therefore why can’t there be a cure for the rest of the ordinary people? Why must population control measures always be targeted at the ordinary people but not the political establishment?
For what purpose was AIDS created?
The global elites are concerned that “the world is currently over-populated”. They argue that drastic measures need to be taken in order toreduce the population to the barest minimum.
Depopulation Agenda: Vaccination and Immunization
 As a result: homosexuality, condom use, wars, chemically-induced food products, genetically modified foods, vaccines, strange diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, SARS, H1N1, H5N1, have been some of the effective ways to carry out this agenda. This is the reason why the ‘world leaders’ are not interested in finding a cure for AIDS. They give millions of dollars’ worth of condoms and anti-retro-viral drugs (most of them infested with  virus) to the third world especially Africa, instead of helping them to find a permanent cure. But everybody knows this is not the solution to the problem. 

The so-called vaccination and immunization projects are killing hundreds of thousands instead of fighting the pandemic. It is only a psychological warfare. Currently, there is a shocking revelation which seem to suggests that “Vaccination” and “Immunization” are some of the main channels through which AIDS is currently being spread across Africa.
AIDS-Infected Drugs Banned in U.S, Dumped Overseas
A few years ago, the Rockefeller’s Foundation, (a leading member of the Bilderberg Group) made some so-called 'projections'  on the coming of a more “deadly virus” soon to be unleashed upon the nations of the earth by the end of 2012.
A small portion of the document titled: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and ‘International Development’published in 2010  (Page 18) conveyed the following message:
“…In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years (will) finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new virus- originating from wild geese- is extremely virulent (contagious) and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 per cent of the global population…” Source: The Rockefeller Foundation.

Does this so-called ‘projection’ sound familiar? Remember it was published in 2010. Almost two years later, the news of this man-made virus made the headlines. A report on RT read:

“…A virus with the potential to kill up to half the world’s population has been made in a lab. The virus is an H5N1 bird flu strain which was genetically altered to become much more contagious. It was created by Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who first presented his work to the public at an influenza conference in Malta in September 2011…”

Of course one day, the media pundits will spin out the official story about this deadly virus out of control and make it sound as if it was not created by scientists.This is exactly how the HIV/AIDS virus was deliberately created!!

So, Why The Condom Deception?
I am not in any doubt about the fact that condom use, is an effective means ofbirth/population control. After all, population control is all the globalists seek to achieve. This is why homosexuality is currently being imposed upon the third world especially in Africa, prompting some African leaders to reject gay aid that comes with string attached .
This is how Bill Gates will reduce world's population in a decade.
At the same time, many birth control policies are being implemented across the third world, led by Bill Gates. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, provides vaccines to third world countries, to promote their massive depopulation agenda.  But, I find it disturbing when the government deliberately deceives the people that condom use is an “effective” means of preventing HIV/AIDS. What makes anybody believes this myth? Is it because the mainstream media or the government says so?
First of all, HIV/AIDS was created as a tool for population control. Most importantly, it has proven to be effective beyond all reasonable doubt in killing millions. Therefore what makes you believe that those powers behind this agenda (population control) would allow condoms to serve as an obstacle to their ultimate goal to use AIDS for population control? The fact is clear: condom, only contributes its part towards population control, by preventing unwanted pregnancies. However, 'Big Brother' will never allow condom to serve as an obstacle to the ultimate agenda which is the population control. AIDS is a very effective tool for the depopulation agenda. If condoms can save people from AIDS, it will be a threat to the agenda of population control. Do you also notice why they promote homosexuality across the world and intend to impose it on Africa? Homosexuals do not produce babies. This means if homosexuality is spread across the world on a mass scale, the human population on earth will diminish drastically within a short period of time. This is their objective.
Meanwhile because of condoms, many married couples can prevent unwanted pregnancies. Young girls in various relationships will use condoms as a means to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Also, the impression people have about condom’s ability to prevent AIDS encourages them to avoid unprotected sex at all cost; making sure all unwanted pregnancies are avoided.  At the same time, buying condoms creates a lot of money for the condom establishment. To them, they have killed two birds with a single stone! This is a sad reality. Condom is a tool for population control, but the powers that be will never allow it to become a protective measure against the most effective tool (AIDS) they already have. The depopulation agenda is the main priority.
Some Basic Analyses
For those of who are still not convinced, let me give you the benefit of the doubt. Are condoms 100% safe? NO. Condoms alone can have up to a 15% fail rate. They are not a very reliable method of contraception. This is why some condoms are rated “extra safe”. Now if some condoms are “extra safe” then, what is the fate of all those whose use he other condoms not rated extra safe? Are they at risk? Well, the fact is whether one uses condoms or not, the most important reality is that condoms are never 100% safe. For the sake of this analysis, let us assume that the usual condom (not the extra safe) is about 98% safe. This gives two scenarios:
First scenario: It means that even if a guy decides to use condoms throughout his life; by the time he uses 100 condoms in total; two of those condoms will fail him. He could therefore acquire HIV/AIDS even though he’s being using condoms all his life.  Mind you it would takes less than 5yrs for one to use 100 condoms or more. That is, if one uses 3 condoms in a month, he would use about 30 condoms per year. Therefore by 4yrs time, he would have used more than 100 condoms. However, even if one of these condoms fails, he could get AIDS. This is the reality. With this understanding, it should be clear that it takes less that 10years in a person’s life to acquire AIDS even if he/she ‘plays safe’.
Second scenario: For those womanizers/prostitutes who go about sleeping with many women/men as necessary, there is also another risk. It means that by the time one sleeps with about 100 different people, he/she could definitely be infected by 2 of the people even if condoms were used. Remember we’re considering the situation where a condom is 98% safe. The more condoms used, the greater the chances of getting the disease. I believe someone now has something to think about.
Therefore the ONLY 100% effective way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS is a complete abstinence or for people to be strictly faithful to their partners and not to change partners at all. At best, a complete cure for AIDS will be the ultimate solution. Any other scenario like condom use is just a mirage. It can only prevent unwanted pregnancy. As long as population reduction is the rational behind AIDS, condom is there to create a false impression and make the establishment rich at the same time. This is a sad fact.
World Crises: Who Are The Beneficiaries?
Many analysts and independent researchers have concluded that all major crises that exist today are designed to exploit the masses for the benefit of a few tiny elite. From financial crises, economic collapse, strange diseases and what have you. Take a look at World War I and II, the mass population on the planet paid with their lives. Yet in the end, the global elites were the ultimate beneficiaries. They amassed for themselves billions of wealth. More than 80% of the people never wanted war; they wanted to leave in peace. Yet the warlords who sought to benefit, never listened to the cries of humanity. Like today, majority of the world do not want World War III, but a few oil tycoons and military contractors are working tirelessly from behind the scenes to ensure that a war with Syria and Iran that could lead to World War III, will ultimately be inevitable.
Oil barons and military contractors want more wars because higher oil prices means more profits. They care little about human lives. To them, profit is all that matters. Billions of profits were made out of the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, the Congo, and many other places. Therefore what makes anybody thinks that these business executives, care about those suffering from diseases like AIDS and cancer: the very thing which make them richer every day?
Today, the entire medical industry is a big business. More diseases mean more profit. Any attempt to permanently cure such diseases is a direct threat to their interest. Now you know why someone in the ‘situation room’ is not interested in finding a cure for AIDS and cancer. Instead, they’re rather promoting the use of condoms as a solution to the AIDS pandemic, while others encourage us to buy their chemicals to ‘prevent’ cancer. Must prevention be the ultimate priority? Why is nobody concerned about the need to find the cure instead? It is time the people wake up and fight these corporate interests that have overshadowed the value of human lives.

Honourable SAKA
The author is a regular writer and a political analyst on African affairs, and a well-known social commentator in Africa. He is the editor of “The Doctor’s Report”, your most reliable source of critical analysis on African affairs. He is a strong Pan-Africanist, a youth activist and the founder of the “Leaders of Tomorrow”, a transformational and inspirational group of possible future leaders. Please visit his blog at: and reach him by Email at:   


  1. Dangerous claptrap.

  2. so what's your suggested alternative to condoms?

  3. A cure for HIV is what the world needs; not condoms. But because they know that once they release the cure, their agenda for population control will be defeated, that is why they're not interested to talk about the cure. We need a cure but not condoms.

  4. saka,

    maybe we should call you sucka. Hiv is a harmless virus that anybody exposed quickly makes effective antigens. What kills people is accepting the treatment, or the poverty and malnutrition that result from the attached stigma. Do a little research, but avoid the powers that be. They're hiding everything useful they know and spreading propaganda. There is no cure to aids except maybe to change your lifestyle.