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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Capitalism by illustration
By Honourable Saka

I have observed from many different societies, how  capitalism has been presented to the people, painting a picture of a so-called most reliable system. Yet, like sacrificial lambs being led to the slaughter house, many people have taken these fraudulent system in good faith. The recent global financial crises, which began in the very nations that hold capitalism in high esteem; whose impact was felt at every corner of the earth, forcing humanity to suffer the consequences of the financial profiteers has nevertheless showed no signs of positive recovery. Indeed, the recent global protests and social rebellion against capitalist system is an indication that the world is currently feeling the squeeze of what truly lies ahead, the reality of which differs from what the world has been told. Thus, the truth and the myths of capitalism, are gradually becoming clear to the ordinary people.

These myths, however nice  reasonable it may sound in the ears, in real life situations they're never true. In fact, they're as ridiculous as saying: "Everybody has a chance of becoming millionaire by relying on the lotto". In "reality" it will never be possible for everyone to win the lotto! At the end of the day, only a tiny people will win (and be happy); while the majority of the people will always loose (and suffer). The myths are as follows:

#1 Under capitalism, anyone who works hard can become rich: Really? Why then would you want to be the boss at work? Why would you want to work in the cities instead of the local towns, and perhaps the villages? It is important to understand that, it is the nature of your income that can make you rich, not necessarily your hard work. Under the current capitalist system, no matter how hard a teacher may work, he can never be richer than the politician who manage the system. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even matter how hard an engineer may work, he would never be richer than a footballer, a musician or a "businessman" (I believe you know what I mean by that word)
#2 Capitalism creates wealth and prosperity for all: Sounds good but the poor man may disagree with this. In fact, there are more hardworking people on this planet than those who are actually wealthy.

#3 Savings generate wealth: Are you serious? The lucky hardworking man who is lucky to save even $600/month ($7,200/year) will never be a multi-millionaire even in his lifetime when a celebrity who spends $100,000/month will still have millions to buy sport cars, jewelleries, expensive clothing and even throw a party on his/her birthday every single year. How about that? You have to understand that while it will take the lucky hardworking man10yrs to save about $90,000 this amount is still far less than what the celebrities and the politicians will spend in just one month or on their holidays. Your true wealth is not based on your savings nor your hardwork; it is rather your income that determines your wealth.

#4 We are all in the same boat: This creates a false sense of belonginess. How come the leaders (president, senators, the ministers) and their families enjoy free stuff but the masses do not? The politicians, the board of directors, receive free cars, free accommodation, free other allowances, while the teacher, and many civil servants never enjoy such benefits. The truth is, you are on your own. You suffer the consequences of your mistakes but you pay the price for the mistakes of your leaders.

#5 Capitalism means freedom: If so, why then are the people still crying for freedom? In fact the majority of protests in the 21st century have occured under capitalist economies (Europe, Americas) see Greece for example. How many people truly have freedom under this system? Freedom from what?

#6 Election means democracy: No, this is not true. In fact, majority of the modern form of elections is nothing but fraud. Of course there're a few reliable ones. Even the electronic sysmtem is more dangerous since the people (voters) have no control whatsoever over the actual result that comes out. The people may decide whichever candidate they want but the credibility of the results depend on the loyalty of the brains behind the the computers/system that compiles such results.

#7 Everybody has a chance of becoming a president/head of state: Really? In the US, a country with currently about 300 million people; how many of the Americans have managed to be president since 200 years ago? How many of the remaining Americans can be certain of ever becoming president in their life time? How many of the 150 million Nigerians can be confident that he/she will one day become president of the Republic? Yet, capitalism has presented the people with this illusion that they're potential presidents. One has to understand that, a chance that belongs to everybody, actually belongs to nobody.

#8 The elected politician represents the people: If this is so, there would be no need for protests in Greece, in the US, Britain, or France. Because the peoples views, however they are will always be addressed. The elected politicians would thus do what the people want and not what they choose. Even if the politicians are to make a decision; what if 50% of the people support it, while the remaining 50% do not? How do you compensate for that? In realitiy, the elected politicians are nothing but dictators! They dictate to the masses.

#9 Changing parties in office is the same as voting for a change. Under capitalism, there are usually two major political parties. The truth is, the two parties act as two different sides of the 'same coin'. The only difference may lie in their ideologies. Each of their leaders are puppets who take their instructions from the same puppet master. This is why no matter which political party is in power, the people always feel they were better off under the previous administration.

#10 There is no alternative to capitalism: Really? What happened to the power of our imagination and creativity?
Necessity, is the mother of invention. Don't let yourself to be deceived that only one system is the best suited for all given circumstances. No matter how good or bad a system is designed to be, its efficiency will always depend on capablities of the user. Some users may find one system to be perfect while others may not. In fact, one man's meat, could be another man's poison.

Capitalism has been designed in such a manner that if you're not lucky to find yourself in a particular class or with some unique talent, then no matter how hard you work, you may never make it! Capitalism wants you to ignore the above facts. The truth is that you simply cannot build your future plans and aspirations on a lotto you haven’t yet won (eg #2 and 3). Unfortunately, this is what capitalism has made you to believe. Capitalism is only a system that seeks to steal from the poor masses and give it to the few super rich. Capitalism is crushed. It's time to install a new system. Capitalism is dead and other nations will not continue to pay the price of trying to preserve it. This is why the BRICS are finally waking up.

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Honourable Dr. Saka
The author is a regular writer and a political analyst on African affairs, and a well-known social commentator in Ghana. He is the editor of "The Doctors Report", your most reliable source of critical analysis on African issues. Please visit his blog at: He is a strong Pan Africanist, a youth activist and the founder of the "Leaders of Tomorrow", a transformational and inspirational group of possible future leaders. He can be reached on Email:

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