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Friday, 13 April 2012

The Twin Bombings: India-Georgia and The Coming False Flag Attacks

World Still 'Hopes' for a 'Change'

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By Honourable Dr Saka

Yesterday 13/02/2012, two attacks took place - one in Georgia and one in India. Suddenly, Today's "Washington Post" had a bold front page story entitled, "Israel Accuses Iran in Bomb Plot." As usual, the mainstream media was quick to blame it on Iran.
In the attack in Tbilisi, a driver for the Israeli embassy detected an attached bomb and had it defused before any damage was done. In Delhi, a motorcyclist attached an explosive device to a car in traffic (modus operandi similar to that used to kill Iranian nuclear scientists) the wife of an Israeli diplomat and a couple of Indians were injured.
There is no indication of who did it, Netanyahu was quick to point the finger at Iran, and Iran of course, said that Israel did it to itself.

Now Georgia has had improving relations with Iran since 2010; it has instituted a visa-free travel agreement with Iran; its prominent political leaders have said that it would be disastrous for Georgia to be part of a war on Iran.
India is one of the remaining trade partners of Iran, much to the chagrin of both Israeli and US officials (look at recent issues of the New York Times, for instance).
Now, it is possible that Iran would conduct such attacks, risking embarrassing the few countries that still have friendly relations with it. However it seems unlikely to me. My totally speculative thought is that this is an attempt to change India's and Georgia's friendly-with-Iran policies.

But why on earth will Iran carry such attack on an Indian soil to jeopardize the economic/trade relationship it has at the mument? You might ask, if that is so, why not an attack in Brazil - Brazil has after all in the past, even denounced the Security Council resolutions against Iran. Well, it turns out that the new Brazilian president has completely done a 180-degree turn on relations with Iran. 

Currently,  many analysts believe Iran is being set up by Mossad/CIA for a series of overseas embassy bombings. It's happening...
In any case, no matter who the perpetrators are, these attacks are a sign that we are moving closer to a war with Iran. A war wich the mainstream media has already taken the lead to brainwash the American poeple and to sway public opinion to support yet another bloody war in the Middle Eest. A war which could sent the entire global economy into its knees.
As these and many more of such "false flag" scenarios are planned to happened in the near future, it is important that the world population is not caught up in the media lies. After all, former four star general and NATO commander Wesley Clark has already exposed on many platforms including 'Democracy Now' (Oct 3 2007) the neocon plan to invade "seven countries in five years", which include: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and IRAN!!.  See this youtube video.

My predictions? Well, I have nothing to predict, but I encourage the world to open their eyes very wide, especially from MARCH 19 through October for the October Surprise. Let us stay awake and fight to stop the bloodshed. It is the only weapon we have.

Honourable Dr Saka
The author is a regular writer and a political analyst on African affairs, and a well-known social commentator in Africa. He is the editor of “The Doctor’s Report”, your most reliable source of critical analysis on African affairs. Please visit his blog at:  He is a strong Pan-Africanist, a youth activist and the founder of the “Leaders of Tomorrow”, a transformational and inspirational group of possible future leaders. He can be reached on Email:  

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